feat. Emily Drinker - Out October 22nd


| Written by: Kyle Sparkman, Melvin Darrell, & Emily Drinker | Production & Mix: Melvin Darrell | Mix Consult & Master: Tyler Ripley |

A new single by:

Kyle Sparkman

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Indie/Funk Singer-Songwriter

Kyle Sparkman is an indie-funk artist based out of Philadelphia (& France when the mood strikes). His groovy brand of guitar-driven rock runs the gamut from chilled-out acoustic music all the way to energetic funk rock and everything in between.

Emily Drinker

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Soul/Folk Singer-Songwriter

Emily Drinker is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. She blends folk, soul, and pop with a ukulele, 5-piece backing band, and soulful 3 part harmonies through live looping.

Melvin Darrell

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Eclectic Producer-Songwriter

Melvin Darrell is a music producer, audio engineer, and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. His work with artists spans a diverse array of genres including Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, and R&B.